[Gauze] Rainbow Style!

7/14/2012  at 8:08 AM

These 4 styles are now available at the 2012 Hair Fair! Each hair comes in a pack of 8 colors, and hud texture change scripted, with color packs ranging from Popual colors (by reuqest) all the way to a pack of rainbows and gorgeous ombres that I personally love!
So please come visit the Flower Sim July 14th to the 29th and check it out! Demos are in the Hair Fair 2012 demo group or my own Gauze Updates group :D
free taxi courtesy of...things.

V2. Skins out at [Gauze]

6/18/2012  at 11:29 AM

Hey there! There's quite a bit to cover, cause I finally revamped another set of skins! These new skins have no makeup, except very subtle eyeliner. For those like me though, I have included a free basic eyeliner and shadow tattoo, as well as a basic, normal eyebrow layer that is completely tintable. It will work with all skin types without strange smudges and match literally every hair tone out there!
The tones are the same for now, though I may expand soon!
Since the skins are so bare, they come in a pack of 4, so you get all 4 tones in each pack. No more hard choices :)
As for addons, I have quite a few!

I've never done freckles before, But I thought it would be fun to give it a shot, and it can add such character and texture to a skin. So, I made 4 variations of them! They are sold separately, but I packed the images together so you can see them how they are displayed.

You can get a bulk pack, demo, or individuals of these freckles, all on 2.0 tattoo layers and tintable to match any skin, while subtle enough to be a light dotting on even the lightest skins. They come in: nose bridge and cheeks only, full face, face and chest, or full body.

 For the females, I have made...cleavage enhancers! yes xD They will work perfectly with the V2 skins, but remain mod so you can do some tinting to match other skin tones. They are sold in a pack of 4, much like the skin packs, and there's 3 styles to choose from. Or you can bulk buy each type.

Finally, I have 2 packs of tintable, hand painted eyebrows that are guaranteed to work with any skin and match any hair color. One pack features a variety of modern brow styles, from thick to thin, while the other features more extravagant brows. I personally love the Geisha. Just sayin'.

So that's all for now :D I have to work on hair for hair fair now! xD So i'll be pestering you all again in early-mid July!
<3 Yukio Ida

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[Gauze] Hanging out at Fantasy Faire, where you should be too.

4/21/2012  at 7:36 AM
Yeps, hanging out at the top part of the sim and bringing in some more 'glowing' stuffs to the plate. 

Finally Fantasy Faire is here! I'm excited once again to participate in this event, and the sims are utterly gorgeous. For the duration of the faire my items will be in my faire location, at the top right of the sim Nu Orne, right next to Trap, who you should def. check out as well! 
(top row of the sim, to the right from the landing point)

I don't want to suck up too much of your time, and hopefully you're already on your way to the faire :D So I'll get to the pretty and do more of the hush;

Intensity is a full body tattoo that comes seperately in 4 colors, and 2 variations (male or female, but both can be unisex) and can work with any darkish skin to add a little extra glow and vibrancy.

And of course to go with Intensity are the UV skins. These skins have an ethereal glow and sort of inverted sort of look to them. They work so well for the person who just can't seem to wear enough glow on their avatar ^^ and goes well with that dark fantasy creature look.
The skins come in 4 colors as well: Infared (Donated Item), Lightning (Donated Item), Uranium and Ultraviolet, and of course come in Male or Female. So please come grab a demo and wander around the faire. You're sure to find some wonderful items!
- Yukio Ida

[Gauze] Slew of new stuff!

3/13/2012  at 7:57 PM
Hello again! It's about time I come out with another giganticomfgwtfbbq update, and just in time (late).
Some of you have seen the teasers on plurk, flickr, and maybe worn by some people who put up with my bajillion betas, but finally you can have it!

To keep things short and sweet, I revamped my bases (again) from the Mercenary set, and I am releasing them as the most minimalistic skins I have ever tossed out. I'm going to try something new guys, and it'll include makeup. awww - yeaah.

Here as seen, we have a 3 pack of the Drows, Humans, and Goblins, with revamped body shading to make the two sexes more defined, new lips and.. you can get demos to see the rest for yourself <3

And, finally I have stopped hoarding the new eyes I posted ages ago. This time I followed the 7 deadly sins in theme, and I bring you a pair of sculpted eyes much like the Deity set, in bright full colors and a tintable attachment that gives the illusion of smoke billowing slowly from the eyes. Yes, it is animated.

Earlier in this long note, I mentioned makeups. Well, I started a few packs that I will later expand upon to turn into a full comedic line. I've been asked many times for my makeup on tattoo layers, and it took me a while to get the hang of it. While I won't make old makeups into tattoos, i will make new ones, and they will be even better. See for yourself!


I love this set. It's slightly Draconian, or demonic, and looks amazing with all skin tones. There are demos, so you can try before you buy!


What Lola asks, Lola gets. She wanted rainbows, and so did I. So I present to you, a lovely, bright rainbow look with a full or subtle option, like the other sets as shown.


Another makeup set, and I really did not intend for these names to all start with A, but they matched since my theme was slightly drake in nature lol. These makeups come in 4 colors as shown, and are tintable on top of being colored the way they are. It was just to preserve the highlights. But I hope you can have fun with them too!

Speaking of fun, I have also some packs of lip glazes

Packs of 4 lip glazes. Some are semi opaque and can be layered to achieve a different color. Like Dove over bloo or cherry over Noir!

Okay then, we have covered a lot, but i'm going to end this with a last announcement. I am in Fantasy Faire again this year! And there will be much more to come over the next few months :D

More info will be released the closer it gets to the faire! and possibly teasers on my flickr

So please watch if you have it, and we shall meet again soon!
- Yukio Ida [Gauze]

(Twilight is still in under-construction mode but the store is still there with all products)

[Gauze] Mercenary Skin Release

12/05/2011  at 11:54 PM
I'm just going to say.. These skins were supposed to be out on Thanksgiving, but I found some things I could have improved on so I spent some more time on them xP But I am finally satisfied and I hope you will be too!

These skins are new bases, with the most awesome suggestive support from Selos and Vitani everything has been re-painted lol

The Mercenary skins come with:
-2 full body tattoos on tintable tattoo layers, one in red, one in white.
-2 bases with light or dark brows
-4 makeup layers, some parts are black, and some that are tintable. Warrior, Eagle, and Bullseye
-a small piece of my soul

The tones are split into 3 sets with 3 tones to choose from!

You can click on the thumb below to see a larger picture below the cut :3

There are also bulk packs and free demos, so please come check them out and much <333
(Twilight Location still available but under heavy construction btw)


Kay, that's all for now. More to come soon!
- Yukio Ida

November Catchup

11/15/2011  at 8:29 PM
I've been a terrible blogger, so i'm going to do this with as little spam as possible! Starting with the newer, more awesome Items released:

[][]Trap[][] Xeno Horns!

So these are a few pics I took as teasers for the horns for Flickr, though Selos liked them so much she used them as promo ads for the horns <3 Though she did like this one on it's side better lol.
The horns come in these color options --->                                                                                         These horns are very color-mod and resize friendly, you can tint all parts to your hearts content, I would advise you drop them on the ground as the inside part sticks out against the skull so you can more easily select it. 
Both glowing parts have a white base and can be tinted any color you wish, all prims mod and copy, NO TRANS

Just as a side note: they might look -best- in firestorm/v2,v3,and so on. 

Next up!!

[Gauze] Digi and Human Leg Warmers

These leg warmers come in all colors shown, and I will be expanding on them soon in the future. The digi leg warmers rely on alpha layers, and work for fauns, furries or demon avatars and are fully sculpted. They feature belts and straps and small sculpted buttons on the sides, with pockets on the top prims which are optional if you have some pants that match the bottoms :D

[Gauze] Deity Eyes

I am EXCITED for these eyes! They are fully sculpted eye replacements. Meaning, you use an alpha (included) to hide the Linden eye base and then these fit right in it's place. The pupils are shaped and indented, like a natural eye, with a lense overlay for shine and depth. They also have a glow prim so you can tint the pupil and control the glow, or make it black. They come in 3 pupil shapes and are mod, so re-sizing to fit your head shape isn't an issue :D

So, that's all for now! Please drop by Twilight and come see the sim! We made it snowy and icy xD
and please don't mind the mess. I'm between projects so my store in Twilight is almost dismantled hahaha. Rebuilding fun xD

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Twilight/78/166/42  <- Trap @ Twilight
http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Carnivale/185/123/34 <-- Trap @ Carnivale

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Twilight/89/58/39 <-- Gauze @ Twilight
http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Twilight/155/142/2 <-- Gauze @ Snatch City