Skins and Shapes

12/20/2008  at 3:16 PM
I'm always looking to improve my work, and the one thing I always try to shoot for with my skins is semi realism without all the grain and bump I see on other skins. I classify skins in general into two sections. One, is photo skins, which have a lot of texture and color to stand up to all the white washing and face lights and effects we do to our images when we want to do photography and ads. The other, is 'everyday skins', which are more subtle in nature. I keep trying to shoot for both qualities in one package, but it's tough lol.

Well I revamped my textures again and repainted some of the body shading, fixed the feet a bit and the nails on the hands, as well as totally redid the face. I'm still messing around with eyebrow options and makeup effects to make my life easier. If anyone saw my PSD files they'd wonder how I function at all. But in all the spirit of winter, I wanted to make something, so while messing around I creatteddd..

4 skintones. Porcelain, China, Ganguro and Gold, with 3 makeup options. Golden, Pink, and Blue. These skins have a frost bitten appearance on the cheeks and nose and a glossy tint to the lips. They come in male and female and have 2 eyebrow options, while still only being priced at 700L

Also, because I get asked to do them a lot, I have made the first in a line of shapes. A male and a female, priced at 300L and both are Mod/Copy/No Trans.

Felicia; A "taller", slender shape that reminds me of the catlike counterpart that she shares a similar name of. Frisky and sexy, but still much room for many possibilities.

And Rin

Masculine for a "femboy". Not rippling with muscles but he's still man -enough-. Uke or seme, it's not the shape that matters, it's how you use it.

All shapes come with an optional reccomended brow and demos are available next to the image on the back wall (big feet and hands on demo. no M/C/no T)
Well that's it for now. Till next time, enjoy the holidays, make your own eggnog (blender, two raw eggs, sugar and a little bit of vanilla.. maybe rum.. if ya like that O_o) and keep warm and safe!

Oh Silent Night

  at 2:50 PM

It's that time again when I get off my lazy rear and hit the blog.. perferrably with a fruitcake xD

Lots of stuff has been happening lately, though i've been slacking enough to end up on someone's naughty list. I haven't been able to get this blog on the feeds yet but in due time! Till then, those of you who are reading, i as always have lots to share!

First off, I have my favourite of the list: Duct Tape Silencers. Now there's lots of slogans *snicker* I could use to describe these, but I believe they speak for themselves.

Also, earlier in the month I released some new shoes. A Mary Jane sort, but instead of calling them the obvious, I called them JM'S. They are click menu texture change and you can choose between 9 custom patterns and retexture the heel, shoe base, and straps seperatly.

I first had these tops as part of the Autumn and Midnight Victorian outfit, but one day I saw one of my friends wearing it as just a shirt, so I started to as well. Then I guess it caught on. So, finally I released them in a pack.
One thing I want to do other than make the prim 'peroid style' and EGA/EGL dresses is get into more versitile clothing for everyday wear.
So as things progress and my store gets fuller and fuller, i'll keep this blog up to date. I closed the vox blog (though it's still there, just not being updated) because the pictures from other blogging sites actually appear on the feeds, rather than some dinky thumbnail. Ah, the perils of 'learning experiences' x.x I think I remember a quoat. "A learning experience is life telling you "remember that thing you just did? Don't do it again" lol.

Back in full force!

12/01/2008  at 8:49 PM
Ok... I am in the process of getting this blog switched from my vox to here on the feeds so.. it's gonna take some time. I could post a bunch of what I already have on vox in this blog and make it seem like I update regularly xD But i'm sick
Instead, i'm going to give a nice heads up. Vox blog won't be in use anymore. For some reason, these blogs get pictures even bigger on the feeds and people can actually seee what I am selling rather than small thumbnails which drive me crazy -.- I wish I had started with a blogspot to begin with, but oh well. No use crying over spilled milk right? Instead I will poke the owner of the feed until he changes the domains over.. and chew on ankles. And probaboly watch some more live action sailor moon.. >.>

Ok yeah i'll definately do the latter. I'm an addict.. I admit it. Hello. My name is Yukio Ida and I am a moonie...
*Sits back down*

On other news... I'm taking a break for a week. Maybe i'll work on stuff when i feel better, but for now... ya.. I feel like poooo. And that's the upside of it all!

Till then. Take care and we'll see what I come up with!

Cute Halloween Witch Lolita

9/11/2008  at 9:15 PM
So.. I went back and fourth between making a lolita dress or not. then once I made it, i went back and fourth with what to call it, since SL has banned the word loli, lollie, and lolita...
While making this, I wanted to do one thing, and one thing alone with it... As much prim detail as I could muster. Usually I hate doing lots of prims, and tiny prims O_o because I have always lived with a prim limit in SL.. If you go over it bad things happen lol
Now it's different.. and it's time to try new things! New outtakes!

It comes with everything you see listed. Skin, piercings, shape and hair not included >.> The model shown here is in fact a femboy male, Izam, and it works with both sexes just fine :D
Sale ends as stated on october 31st, before it's gone forever!
So.. that's it for now, for the halloween line.. More definately to come soon, you'll just have to wait *winks*

Neo Japanesque

  at 9:13 PM
Just released, the first in a line of kimonos (inspired by bands such as D, Kagrra and other designers) which mix traditional japanese kimono with kabuki, some tomesode, furoshiki, wear their obi backwords and add lots of fishnet, vinyl, and metal bits. The result is stunning.

Available inword in the store now with a demo, since this outfit is 95% prim, there will be a demo for the part that attaches to the chest. Also unlike most Kimonos in SL, I have tested it with sinewave dances (ohh and we know how those move) as well as with various animations and ao's.. the movement is relatively fluid and will work with most AO's
outfit mod/no copy/trans, so it can be given as a gift!

New blog!

  at 1:29 PM
Okaaay.... I don't know how I am going to pull this off, but I want to give blogspot a good try, since everyone else is using it o.o

So... I'm going to be yelling and jumping up and down "Update your links!" Because I want to use this one instead o.o I might post to this and vox, for the people who follow me on there. But we'll see :}