Cute Halloween Witch Lolita

9/11/2008  at 9:15 PM
So.. I went back and fourth between making a lolita dress or not. then once I made it, i went back and fourth with what to call it, since SL has banned the word loli, lollie, and lolita...
While making this, I wanted to do one thing, and one thing alone with it... As much prim detail as I could muster. Usually I hate doing lots of prims, and tiny prims O_o because I have always lived with a prim limit in SL.. If you go over it bad things happen lol
Now it's different.. and it's time to try new things! New outtakes!

It comes with everything you see listed. Skin, piercings, shape and hair not included >.> The model shown here is in fact a femboy male, Izam, and it works with both sexes just fine :D
Sale ends as stated on october 31st, before it's gone forever!
So.. that's it for now, for the halloween line.. More definately to come soon, you'll just have to wait *winks*

Neo Japanesque

  at 9:13 PM
Just released, the first in a line of kimonos (inspired by bands such as D, Kagrra and other designers) which mix traditional japanese kimono with kabuki, some tomesode, furoshiki, wear their obi backwords and add lots of fishnet, vinyl, and metal bits. The result is stunning.

Available inword in the store now with a demo, since this outfit is 95% prim, there will be a demo for the part that attaches to the chest. Also unlike most Kimonos in SL, I have tested it with sinewave dances (ohh and we know how those move) as well as with various animations and ao's.. the movement is relatively fluid and will work with most AO's
outfit mod/no copy/trans, so it can be given as a gift!

New blog!

  at 1:29 PM
Okaaay.... I don't know how I am going to pull this off, but I want to give blogspot a good try, since everyone else is using it o.o

So... I'm going to be yelling and jumping up and down "Update your links!" Because I want to use this one instead o.o I might post to this and vox, for the people who follow me on there. But we'll see :}