Back in full force!

12/01/2008  at 8:49 PM
Ok... I am in the process of getting this blog switched from my vox to here on the feeds so.. it's gonna take some time. I could post a bunch of what I already have on vox in this blog and make it seem like I update regularly xD But i'm sick
Instead, i'm going to give a nice heads up. Vox blog won't be in use anymore. For some reason, these blogs get pictures even bigger on the feeds and people can actually seee what I am selling rather than small thumbnails which drive me crazy -.- I wish I had started with a blogspot to begin with, but oh well. No use crying over spilled milk right? Instead I will poke the owner of the feed until he changes the domains over.. and chew on ankles. And probaboly watch some more live action sailor moon.. >.>

Ok yeah i'll definately do the latter. I'm an addict.. I admit it. Hello. My name is Yukio Ida and I am a moonie...
*Sits back down*

On other news... I'm taking a break for a week. Maybe i'll work on stuff when i feel better, but for now... ya.. I feel like poooo. And that's the upside of it all!

Till then. Take care and we'll see what I come up with!

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Belladonna said...

*mutters something about how she's a secret moonie....* The Mangas are gorgeous. I love Naoko's Work.

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