Oh Silent Night

12/20/2008  at 2:50 PM

It's that time again when I get off my lazy rear and hit the blog.. perferrably with a fruitcake xD

Lots of stuff has been happening lately, though i've been slacking enough to end up on someone's naughty list. I haven't been able to get this blog on the feeds yet but in due time! Till then, those of you who are reading, i as always have lots to share!

First off, I have my favourite of the list: Duct Tape Silencers. Now there's lots of slogans *snicker* I could use to describe these, but I believe they speak for themselves.

Also, earlier in the month I released some new shoes. A Mary Jane sort, but instead of calling them the obvious, I called them JM'S. They are click menu texture change and you can choose between 9 custom patterns and retexture the heel, shoe base, and straps seperatly.

I first had these tops as part of the Autumn and Midnight Victorian outfit, but one day I saw one of my friends wearing it as just a shirt, so I started to as well. Then I guess it caught on. So, finally I released them in a pack.
One thing I want to do other than make the prim 'peroid style' and EGA/EGL dresses is get into more versitile clothing for everyday wear.
So as things progress and my store gets fuller and fuller, i'll keep this blog up to date. I closed the vox blog (though it's still there, just not being updated) because the pictures from other blogging sites actually appear on the feeds, rather than some dinky thumbnail. Ah, the perils of 'learning experiences' x.x I think I remember a quoat. "A learning experience is life telling you "remember that thing you just did? Don't do it again" lol.

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