Another full circle, and more hair

12/31/2009  at 2:07 PM
Anything to excess is never good.
It's an old saying that I seem to never learn from. But, without something to work on, life would just be boring. xD

So.. Once I finally stopped pacing my room and broke away from the mind dulling addiction to youtube, I finally fulfilled my promise and made Nephra and Obscura available in the normal tones.
I also made a nice mess of my store. Nothing has exploded yet, but setting a few things to 'physical' and seeing what would happen HAS crossed my mind a few times >.> But I was afraid people wouldn't want to walk around then. But i'm looking forward to a full remodel, along with lots of new content that I can't speak about yet, because I like suprising people.
Yeah.. me and my secrets ¬.¬
More projects and pretty pictures to be announced at a later date.

Oh.. Did I mention i'm also holding a sale? Yes. Sn@tch city main store only, everything is slashed until January 3rd ^^

See you all next year!

Halloween is Special at [Gauze]

10/28/2009  at 10:05 AM
Well, I wanted to get this out the last week of October, and.. I'm one day late! But, there's a lot of goodies in store anyway for everyone! So as usual, I'll cut the B.S and we'll go straight to it.

Every one's been hearing the buzz about Nightmare Eden, and if you haven't, you should google it up and read a few blogs, then go directly to it.
Pulse has been my home for several years, and each year, we hold a haunted house event like no other! This year, you get to visit a spooky space station with lots of puzzles, surprises, and great rewards! So do NOT miss this chance to see it! Or grab the awesome free gifts hidden in every corner, nook, cranny, and drawer from awesome designers like Fusemelon, Sn@tch, !ReTox!, House of Eyes, [Gauze], and.. well way loads more than I can remember off the top of my head o.o

Now.. I'm sure if you've been in the store recently, you have seen a Deader Than You tour sign, and have even seen token bats in some vendors. You've probably also seen that the lucky chairs are gone, and there's a 'coming soon' box with a basin of blood in it. I'll explain that later! But first, the Deader Than You Tour: Hosted by a dedicated group of designers like Nomine and Sn@tch, this tour brings you to awesome outlets such as Material Squirrel, Pixeldolls, Fusemelon, Silent Sparrow, DV8, Otaku Designs and more. The rules are simple! Buy something you like, collect the bats, and turn the tokens in for more awesome stuff!

So. What do I have to offer for this? New skins of course!

And now, for another special hair on display in the hair section, I have Obscura
This hair, for the time being, comes only in a pack of 4 special colors. However more will be released at a later time. A cute style with curly pigtails and long front fringe. And of course, an adorable bat barrette.

Now.. For the eye bleeding return of a really special outfit, discounted and for sale also only for this last week.

By popular demand: Halloween Witch Lolli. The name sayes it all. A Lolita outfit, complete with shoes and accessories, made in the true spirit of Halloween. With whimsical patterned textures, pumpkins, stars, skulls, magic bags, and even more, you'll be ready to make potions and cackle over your cauldron while looking absolutely adorable.

Finally.. The basin of blood there by the couches. What is in it? Why is it there?
From now till November First, Sunday night, you can receive a special hair for FREE.
Nephra - A wild style of messy pigtails and a swooped side bang. This hair also comes in the special 4 Halloween colors.

So.. Here you have it. A record for the longest post I think I've released this year, and lots of goodies to be had. Enjoy your Halloween and happy haunting!

Brought to you from the cold, dark, corners of [Gauze] and *Illuminati*
- Yukio Ida
7/24/2009  at 8:04 AM
Roughly about one year ago, my little store was granted the privelage to be part of the HarajukuBox Skin Faire. I never anticipated being part of any events, but since then, and thanks to everyone, *Illuminati* and [Gauze] has survived a full year in SL. And I couldn't be any happier.
So, why bring this up? There's another skin faire! And it's happening NOW!
Months have gone into hand painting these skins. The teasers have been posted to Flickr and Plurk. Now, you finally get to own them!

I have 3 skins to offer, so we'll start with the exclusive first-

My personal renderation of the Hindu God Shiva. The creator, and destroyer, as depicted in this set, come in a dark tone and a light blueish tone. These skins are exclusive only for the faire. I've been on a kick, and I fully blame Selos Dae for it. Honestly, if it weren't for him, I probaboly wouldn't even touch full body tattoos. But there's no denying that he helped inspire this.

I could explain more, but I'm going to let the demos and pictures do the talking on this one. Plus i'm brainded and I accidently closed the first notecard without saving it. Yay!

Moving on...

The word means witch, but this isn't your typical old croon hanging over a bubbling culdron. No. Witches are not reserved for halloween and wizard of oz. This is a being of power, enchantment and beauty. Both skins come with two lip options and a pack of 4 tones each.

and finally...

Glitter Dust:
So.. all I have to say is...
>.> Now that's out of the way. *ahem*
Gold glitter covers the eyes and cheeks of this skin. It's more simplistic, and natural, compaired to the other two, and also comes with an option of gloss, and no gloss.

So.. Just so there's no confusion. These skins are available ONLY at the HarajukuBox Skin Faire! from July 24th - July 28th. After that, they will be moved to the main store, with the exception of Shiva. And yes, they are in packs, but I made the prices very reasonable for everyone ^-^

5/16/2009  at 1:43 AM
You've heard about it, and you've been waiting for it. And I am so sorry for making you wait! (well.. not entirely ;) )

3 new hairs have been released, with revamped textures and hotness, so lets see what is new.

Destroy -

Not just a word. Dual messy 'buns' with loose wisps and exagerated side bang.
This style was inspired by the lovely Amelia Arsenic! Check out her blog and the group AngelSpit at

Aural -
Twin Tails (or piggies) that reach hip length with a soft fringe and tapered sides, this hair is inspired by the beautiful Aural Vampire (j industrial music)

Relia -

So.. I started this hair actually.. 6 months ago and never got back to it till reciently (because friends wouldn't stop reminding me about it)
This hair, is inspired by Ruki from The Gazette. yes. I admit it. The hair features a straight, cheek length soft fringe, tapered sides, and topknot dreads. Furthermore, the hair is scripted. As seen in the picture, a few dreads and a patch in the front change -textures- (not tinting) with 27 different options. And yes, it is -still- mod, even though it sayes it isn't. that's just the script.
check their official website here

Why the shameless plugging? Because. I love music :D

The hair color packs are as follows:
Blacks, Whites, Reds, Brunettes, and Blondes: they all come 3 to a pack, like before.

Warms,Cools and a new addition, Brillants: 4 in a pack. The Brillants are basically truer colors.

Hair is located upstairs on the skins floor, so just take the tp button/lift up. Remember, it's the green for up, and blue for down.

More hair to come soon! Until next week!

Sadness - New Skin Release

5/07/2009  at 9:29 PM

I've been skin obsessed for.. the past coupple of months. Slowly updating my bases, beating my head on the desk, and finally, after enough blood and tears, I have achieved something that has made me.. very happy.
So, for the new bases, I made Sadness. Yes.. I am making everyone cry. Wether they are tears of joy or pain, that is up to you ^^

This is just an example of the tones, but they are best viewed inworld by the demos.
Oh.. and if you are afraid of that insane clown glitch from v. 1:23 happening.. don't worry. I turned off all the makeup sliders and made sure the lashes weren't brown. So no big lips, strange gloss, eye gunk or unibrow. At least I hope x.x Thank you LL for once again making another thing for us to watch out for lol.

Anywho. That's all for now.

Until then!
- Yuki

Ganguro Skins

4/23/2009  at 5:07 AM

It's hard to think of what to write, but i'm trying to keep on top of the game while i'm still ahead, so bare with me lol.

The Ganguro skins come in sets of 3 different skin tones, and 3 variations of makeup.
Banba - A more subtle makeup. Perfect for that extera -something- without looking a little -too- far fetched.
Ganguro - The more..."classic" ganguro makeup. Liner above and below the eyes with a more powdery, blended feel most popular in current times
Manba - The updated virsion of Yamanba, featuring more extreme panda-like makeup.

And what are ganguro skins without... facegems? They aren't needed, but sometimes, you just have to have that extera -kawaii-. You weren't forgotten.

[POP] is Dead

4/21/2009  at 11:36 PM
and so will I be.. in a few minutes lol.

This is the last post before i'm all caught up. I'm pulling an Ivey and doing multiple catch-up posts of all the new products, and some of the old ones.

Pop is Dead and Jolly Tank

Sometimes.. descriptions aren't needed.

Stained tops and gloves. 3 sets of different tones.




Since the store has opened in Sn@tch City, i have also released a few things that i've kept hidden in my inventory, fencesitting on until reciently. So..

So... I leave you, till next time. Thank you for taking the time to read the blog!

The new stuff!!

  at 10:00 PM
Finally, we're caught up on the months that i've neglected to update!
Just reciently, Ivey Deschanel of Sn@tch held a fashion show with 4 other designers: !Retox!, Philotic Energy, Nomine, and my store, with special effects by HeZ. The show was amazing, and all the goodness can be seen in my flickr. It seriously was a total honor to even be considered to be in that show, and to see how everything came together and how our visions coencided so well. The fashion show was named Diamond Dogs; a song/album from David Bowie that painted a harsh post apocolyptic scene with a japanese twist. It was awesome.
So.. I of course had to make some things for this show.

We'll start with the two new Kimono.
Akemi and Amaya:
The inspiration for this could loosely be based off a toshiya style of visual kimono, but with way more of an edge and totally untraditional make. It comes with a harness, more leather and buckles, a short hem, buckled and laced posture collar, custom sculpted sleeves and ripped fishnet and leather thigh high socks.

To match these Kimono, I also made a pair of boots that I have been fantascizing about for years. Really, I was way too excited once I was finally able to make them!
Myaku Stomps. Belted, laced, hand uv mapped, custom textured, the laces change texture by click (i hate tinting) and they come in a -large- assortment of colors. I seriously had to stop myself from making too many!

So.. one of the models (well a few, but one in particular) was dressed in all cammo and army gear, but she was missing something. Of course, I said "she needs an army belt"
thus.. spurned the creation of Surplus Fetish.

You'd think I'd have an excuse for this next item.. I do! Ivey asked me to make tentacles. Soo... I did.
Uke's bane. They're touch texture change, and writh, lash, and move realistically. even when standing still.

Also featured in the fashion show is a line i'm slowly working on developing.
New jeans! Colors as shown. They're sold seperately, with prim pant legs, ripped holes and writing/screens

Catching up- Part 3Sk

  at 9:45 PM
The hair and skins section of catching up!
Always the best part. and then, i think we're ready for the new stuff!

Corvinus V.2
Why V.2? because.. This is a more personal hair style for me. Inspired by Asagi, vocalist of D, this is a long, sleek style with a severe right eye covering part


A short, sleek bob with heavy bang and A-line front.

Usa: Usa is short for Usagi, which means Rabbit in Japanese. And this hair, very much reminds one of bunny ears. Dual Odango (dumpling buns) are tightly wrapped with whispy pieces, a straight front fringe and comes with optional violet and black pearls and sculpted roses as decoration.


So.. The last time I blogged any skin releases was.. ages ago.
I'm going to do a quick recap here, but in a few weeks all the old skins will be filtered out for new ones. For now they are on sale for 100L in my store until they will finally be replaced with all new bases, makeups, and skintone sets.

Playing Catch-up pt.2

  at 8:18 PM
Moving on now.. I'll continue the oldies series with >.> The more random and non EGA things.

Starting with:

Autumn and Midnight Victorian: Once I discovered Emilie Autumn, I loved everything about her. Her music, her style, her talent. So, I made these outfits because.. it had to be done.

Black or white, both outfits have color changing lace on the bum piece(?) and garter.

I've found a lot of people even have worn bits and pieces from this outfit, mixing and matching, so that's what spurrned me to release the gauze shirts, and as a further, i made two extention packs of garters to match the color changing options of the lace.

Ok.. for these next two outfits; I was being untraditional, and I loved it. More things that just -had- to be done.

Lucky Star: Oh yes.. From the Harahuni, the Lucky star cheer leading outfit! Complete with pompoms, socks, skirt, jumper and a gesture i threw in for fun. I've marked it way down since it's release, but people still enjoy it.

Cherry Bomb: What else do you call that much pink?? Seriously. It's pink overkill, but so cute. It has a glitter belt with a keychain collection of whimsical shapes (stars, a bunny head, hearts), and a pinned on badge of a glittery butterfly. A star dotted sheer white top, black tank top with pink ribbons and a panneled knee length skirt and socks.

To continue this post, we'll move on to the leg warmers and shoes and wrap it up there.

Fuzzy Lolita Leg Warmers: Why?
Well.. I saw a blog post somewhere on a lolita website asking a silly question. How do lolitas keep warm in the winter? Despite the obvious replies that i've gotten when I asked this same question to some friends, who.. took it too seriously with no sense of humor >.> The answer is. This:
Multitudes of fabric options, fur trim and the ability to match about anything. A lower prim virsion will be available soonish!

And finally.. shoes!

Eclipse Boots: Black, open, belted platform boots.