Elf ears!

1/19/2009  at 5:24 AM

I'm on a sculpting kick, and I've wanted to make elf ears for a while now, so here they are!

Realistic shape and texture, 20 different skin tones from skin designers such as TRAP, Den Dou, Subaru Designs, *Illuminati*, and a few others. If it doesn't entirely match, you can tint tone them to match to your skin as well.

The piercings and gems also change textures too, so they're completely customizable!

I plan on making Neko, Usagi and Kitsune ears as well, but one thing at a time lol.

And speaking of which. That's all I have for now!

For the new year

1/15/2009  at 4:53 AM
2009 and we all made it alive...kinda. ok we made it! And I am personally very optamistic about the new year and what it has in store!

To start off, I have 3 new designs. Yes, i'm getting off to a slow start but hey, holidays can be tiring lol

Sleeps With Butterflies:
An evening gown inspired by fantasy and magic. I was watching a music video from tori amos and while this isn't what she wore in the video, the artwork and sheer feel of the video is what captured my interest. All the work is inspired by Aya Kato, who is a rising illustrator in Japan and makes bizarre and beautiful paintings and illustrations that paint the most inspiring images. I tried to capture that same feeling in this dress.

It has key hole openings in both the front and a very low back, in dark purple lighted satin with a splash splay of a floral print across an empire type waistline and parted opening displaying a golden magical scene. The dress is finished in tendrilled fabric, like smoke whisping about the feet, and glowing butterflies rest upon the chest, and over the ear, with 3 hovering around the subject.
Definately a dress that would have to be seen, the pictures don't do it justice.

Next is a more fun and flirty renderation of The White Rabbit, as inpsired by the popular video 'What you waiting for' by Gwen Steffani and her experiences within her own Wonderland. I'm not sure which of the Harajuku girls played it, but this outfit just captured my attention from the day I saw it. It comes with options as well! So you can easily mix and match the parts of it with other outfits of your choice.

And Finally, A tank unlike most. In Nomine Tanks.

7 tops in a rainbow of colors. They come in tucked and untucked (shirt and jacket layers) virsions and have a maltese cross splayed on one side, branded with a latin prayer. It just seemed fitting lol.
And that's all for now. But stay tuned! I'm just trying to be a good blogger and post more ^^