Catching up- Part 3Sk

4/21/2009  at 9:45 PM
The hair and skins section of catching up!
Always the best part. and then, i think we're ready for the new stuff!

Corvinus V.2
Why V.2? because.. This is a more personal hair style for me. Inspired by Asagi, vocalist of D, this is a long, sleek style with a severe right eye covering part


A short, sleek bob with heavy bang and A-line front.

Usa: Usa is short for Usagi, which means Rabbit in Japanese. And this hair, very much reminds one of bunny ears. Dual Odango (dumpling buns) are tightly wrapped with whispy pieces, a straight front fringe and comes with optional violet and black pearls and sculpted roses as decoration.


So.. The last time I blogged any skin releases was.. ages ago.
I'm going to do a quick recap here, but in a few weeks all the old skins will be filtered out for new ones. For now they are on sale for 100L in my store until they will finally be replaced with all new bases, makeups, and skintone sets.

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