Ganguro Skins

4/23/2009  at 5:07 AM

It's hard to think of what to write, but i'm trying to keep on top of the game while i'm still ahead, so bare with me lol.

The Ganguro skins come in sets of 3 different skin tones, and 3 variations of makeup.
Banba - A more subtle makeup. Perfect for that extera -something- without looking a little -too- far fetched.
Ganguro - The more..."classic" ganguro makeup. Liner above and below the eyes with a more powdery, blended feel most popular in current times
Manba - The updated virsion of Yamanba, featuring more extreme panda-like makeup.

And what are ganguro skins without... facegems? They aren't needed, but sometimes, you just have to have that extera -kawaii-. You weren't forgotten.

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