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4/21/2009  at 10:00 PM
Finally, we're caught up on the months that i've neglected to update!
Just reciently, Ivey Deschanel of Sn@tch held a fashion show with 4 other designers: !Retox!, Philotic Energy, Nomine, and my store, with special effects by HeZ. The show was amazing, and all the goodness can be seen in my flickr. It seriously was a total honor to even be considered to be in that show, and to see how everything came together and how our visions coencided so well. The fashion show was named Diamond Dogs; a song/album from David Bowie that painted a harsh post apocolyptic scene with a japanese twist. It was awesome.
So.. I of course had to make some things for this show.

We'll start with the two new Kimono.
Akemi and Amaya:
The inspiration for this could loosely be based off a toshiya style of visual kimono, but with way more of an edge and totally untraditional make. It comes with a harness, more leather and buckles, a short hem, buckled and laced posture collar, custom sculpted sleeves and ripped fishnet and leather thigh high socks.

To match these Kimono, I also made a pair of boots that I have been fantascizing about for years. Really, I was way too excited once I was finally able to make them!
Myaku Stomps. Belted, laced, hand uv mapped, custom textured, the laces change texture by click (i hate tinting) and they come in a -large- assortment of colors. I seriously had to stop myself from making too many!

So.. one of the models (well a few, but one in particular) was dressed in all cammo and army gear, but she was missing something. Of course, I said "she needs an army belt"
thus.. spurned the creation of Surplus Fetish.

You'd think I'd have an excuse for this next item.. I do! Ivey asked me to make tentacles. Soo... I did.
Uke's bane. They're touch texture change, and writh, lash, and move realistically. even when standing still.

Also featured in the fashion show is a line i'm slowly working on developing.
New jeans! Colors as shown. They're sold seperately, with prim pant legs, ripped holes and writing/screens

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