Playing Catch-up pt.2

4/21/2009  at 8:18 PM
Moving on now.. I'll continue the oldies series with >.> The more random and non EGA things.

Starting with:

Autumn and Midnight Victorian: Once I discovered Emilie Autumn, I loved everything about her. Her music, her style, her talent. So, I made these outfits because.. it had to be done.

Black or white, both outfits have color changing lace on the bum piece(?) and garter.

I've found a lot of people even have worn bits and pieces from this outfit, mixing and matching, so that's what spurrned me to release the gauze shirts, and as a further, i made two extention packs of garters to match the color changing options of the lace.

Ok.. for these next two outfits; I was being untraditional, and I loved it. More things that just -had- to be done.

Lucky Star: Oh yes.. From the Harahuni, the Lucky star cheer leading outfit! Complete with pompoms, socks, skirt, jumper and a gesture i threw in for fun. I've marked it way down since it's release, but people still enjoy it.

Cherry Bomb: What else do you call that much pink?? Seriously. It's pink overkill, but so cute. It has a glitter belt with a keychain collection of whimsical shapes (stars, a bunny head, hearts), and a pinned on badge of a glittery butterfly. A star dotted sheer white top, black tank top with pink ribbons and a panneled knee length skirt and socks.

To continue this post, we'll move on to the leg warmers and shoes and wrap it up there.

Fuzzy Lolita Leg Warmers: Why?
Well.. I saw a blog post somewhere on a lolita website asking a silly question. How do lolitas keep warm in the winter? Despite the obvious replies that i've gotten when I asked this same question to some friends, who.. took it too seriously with no sense of humor >.> The answer is. This:
Multitudes of fabric options, fur trim and the ability to match about anything. A lower prim virsion will be available soonish!

And finally.. shoes!

Eclipse Boots: Black, open, belted platform boots.

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