Recap of the old things

4/21/2009  at 6:42 PM
There's some things I have made that I posted on my previous Vox blog but never transfered to this one.
So, in light of that, I am going to do a quick recap before I post the new stuff.. in maybe a span of 2-3 other posts x.x
I'm still working on the look of the blog and rebranding aspect. So far all the inworld stuff is done and moving smoothly. I'm just a bad blogger lol

Full outfits:

Bara no Seidou. It translates roughly into 'Church of Roses' or 'Sanctuary of Roses'. It is an outfit inspired by Klaha from when he was in Malice Mizer. It comes with a Flexi coat, undershirt with sculpted sleeves and prim ribbon and lace detail and a sculpted collar with flexi ribbons.

Requiem: I can't tell you what spurned this outfit. I just know it was my first in full EGA and i'll always be proud of it. Reuqiem comes with *takes a deep breath* A top hat with prim buckles and flexi straps, a shirt that can be worn with or without the jacket (it has little crosses on the chest), prim cuffs with crosses, prim collar with buckled chokers, the skirt is fully prim with chains, cross charms, buckles, has an underlayer of a white skirt, glitch pants, another layer of black pants, and mismatched lace and white knee high socks with a cross on the knee.

Ai to Kanashimi no Rondo (lit: Rondo of love and Sadness)
A dress inspired by Mana-sama, the more effeminate counter to Bara no Seidou, with headdress, prim sleeves and ruff and flexi ribbons/skirt

Ma Cherie: While this dress was not in the Ma Cherie video, the name itself seemed fitting.
It comes in two colors; Black or Blue, and loads of wearing options, plus a scripted to hold parasol. However a parasol AO would probaboly be perferred.



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