Sadness - New Skin Release

5/07/2009  at 9:29 PM

I've been skin obsessed for.. the past coupple of months. Slowly updating my bases, beating my head on the desk, and finally, after enough blood and tears, I have achieved something that has made me.. very happy.
So, for the new bases, I made Sadness. Yes.. I am making everyone cry. Wether they are tears of joy or pain, that is up to you ^^

This is just an example of the tones, but they are best viewed inworld by the demos.
Oh.. and if you are afraid of that insane clown glitch from v. 1:23 happening.. don't worry. I turned off all the makeup sliders and made sure the lashes weren't brown. So no big lips, strange gloss, eye gunk or unibrow. At least I hope x.x Thank you LL for once again making another thing for us to watch out for lol.

Anywho. That's all for now.

Until then!
- Yuki

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