5/16/2009  at 1:43 AM
You've heard about it, and you've been waiting for it. And I am so sorry for making you wait! (well.. not entirely ;) )

3 new hairs have been released, with revamped textures and hotness, so lets see what is new.

Destroy -

Not just a word. Dual messy 'buns' with loose wisps and exagerated side bang.
This style was inspired by the lovely Amelia Arsenic! Check out her blog http://destroyx.com/ and the group AngelSpit at http://www.angelspit.net/

Aural -
Twin Tails (or piggies) that reach hip length with a soft fringe and tapered sides, this hair is inspired by the beautiful Aural Vampire (j industrial music) http://auralvampire.com/index.html

Relia -

So.. I started this hair actually.. 6 months ago and never got back to it till reciently (because friends wouldn't stop reminding me about it)
This hair, is inspired by Ruki from The Gazette. yes. I admit it. The hair features a straight, cheek length soft fringe, tapered sides, and topknot dreads. Furthermore, the hair is scripted. As seen in the picture, a few dreads and a patch in the front change -textures- (not tinting) with 27 different options. And yes, it is -still- mod, even though it sayes it isn't. that's just the script.
check their official website here http://www.pscompany.co.jp/gazette/

Why the shameless plugging? Because. I love music :D

The hair color packs are as follows:
Blacks, Whites, Reds, Brunettes, and Blondes: they all come 3 to a pack, like before.

Warms,Cools and a new addition, Brillants: 4 in a pack. The Brillants are basically truer colors.

Hair is located upstairs on the skins floor, so just take the tp button/lift up. Remember, it's the green for up, and blue for down.

More hair to come soon! Until next week!

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