7/24/2009  at 8:04 AM
Roughly about one year ago, my little store was granted the privelage to be part of the HarajukuBox Skin Faire. I never anticipated being part of any events, but since then, and thanks to everyone, *Illuminati* and [Gauze] has survived a full year in SL. And I couldn't be any happier.
So, why bring this up? There's another skin faire! And it's happening NOW!
Months have gone into hand painting these skins. The teasers have been posted to Flickr and Plurk. Now, you finally get to own them!

I have 3 skins to offer, so we'll start with the exclusive first-

My personal renderation of the Hindu God Shiva. The creator, and destroyer, as depicted in this set, come in a dark tone and a light blueish tone. These skins are exclusive only for the faire. I've been on a kick, and I fully blame Selos Dae for it. Honestly, if it weren't for him, I probaboly wouldn't even touch full body tattoos. But there's no denying that he helped inspire this.

I could explain more, but I'm going to let the demos and pictures do the talking on this one. Plus i'm brainded and I accidently closed the first notecard without saving it. Yay!

Moving on...

The word means witch, but this isn't your typical old croon hanging over a bubbling culdron. No. Witches are not reserved for halloween and wizard of oz. This is a being of power, enchantment and beauty. Both skins come with two lip options and a pack of 4 tones each.

and finally...

Glitter Dust:
So.. all I have to say is...
>.> Now that's out of the way. *ahem*
Gold glitter covers the eyes and cheeks of this skin. It's more simplistic, and natural, compaired to the other two, and also comes with an option of gloss, and no gloss.

So.. Just so there's no confusion. These skins are available ONLY at the HarajukuBox Skin Faire! from July 24th - July 28th. After that, they will be moved to the main store, with the exception of Shiva. And yes, they are in packs, but I made the prices very reasonable for everyone ^-^