Halloween is Special at [Gauze]

10/28/2009  at 10:05 AM
Well, I wanted to get this out the last week of October, and.. I'm one day late! But, there's a lot of goodies in store anyway for everyone! So as usual, I'll cut the B.S and we'll go straight to it.

Every one's been hearing the buzz about Nightmare Eden, and if you haven't, you should google it up and read a few blogs, then go directly to it.
Pulse has been my home for several years, and each year, we hold a haunted house event like no other! This year, you get to visit a spooky space station with lots of puzzles, surprises, and great rewards! So do NOT miss this chance to see it! Or grab the awesome free gifts hidden in every corner, nook, cranny, and drawer from awesome designers like Fusemelon, Sn@tch, !ReTox!, House of Eyes, [Gauze], and.. well way loads more than I can remember off the top of my head o.o

Now.. I'm sure if you've been in the store recently, you have seen a Deader Than You tour sign, and have even seen token bats in some vendors. You've probably also seen that the lucky chairs are gone, and there's a 'coming soon' box with a basin of blood in it. I'll explain that later! But first, the Deader Than You Tour: Hosted by a dedicated group of designers like Nomine and Sn@tch, this tour brings you to awesome outlets such as Material Squirrel, Pixeldolls, Fusemelon, Silent Sparrow, DV8, Otaku Designs and more. The rules are simple! Buy something you like, collect the bats, and turn the tokens in for more awesome stuff!

So. What do I have to offer for this? New skins of course!

And now, for another special hair on display in the hair section, I have Obscura
This hair, for the time being, comes only in a pack of 4 special colors. However more will be released at a later time. A cute style with curly pigtails and long front fringe. And of course, an adorable bat barrette.

Now.. For the eye bleeding return of a really special outfit, discounted and for sale also only for this last week.

By popular demand: Halloween Witch Lolli. The name sayes it all. A Lolita outfit, complete with shoes and accessories, made in the true spirit of Halloween. With whimsical patterned textures, pumpkins, stars, skulls, magic bags, and even more, you'll be ready to make potions and cackle over your cauldron while looking absolutely adorable.

Finally.. The basin of blood there by the couches. What is in it? Why is it there?
From now till November First, Sunday night, you can receive a special hair for FREE.
Nephra - A wild style of messy pigtails and a swooped side bang. This hair also comes in the special 4 Halloween colors.

So.. Here you have it. A record for the longest post I think I've released this year, and lots of goodies to be had. Enjoy your Halloween and happy haunting!

Brought to you from the cold, dark, corners of [Gauze] and *Illuminati*
- Yukio Ida