Another full circle, and more hair

12/31/2009  at 2:07 PM
Anything to excess is never good.
It's an old saying that I seem to never learn from. But, without something to work on, life would just be boring. xD

So.. Once I finally stopped pacing my room and broke away from the mind dulling addiction to youtube, I finally fulfilled my promise and made Nephra and Obscura available in the normal tones.
I also made a nice mess of my store. Nothing has exploded yet, but setting a few things to 'physical' and seeing what would happen HAS crossed my mind a few times >.> But I was afraid people wouldn't want to walk around then. But i'm looking forward to a full remodel, along with lots of new content that I can't speak about yet, because I like suprising people.
Yeah.. me and my secrets ¬.¬
More projects and pretty pictures to be announced at a later date.

Oh.. Did I mention i'm also holding a sale? Yes. Sn@tch city main store only, everything is slashed until January 3rd ^^

See you all next year!