[][]Trap[][] Ajna Skin

11/18/2010  at 6:25 PM
Selos Dae of [][]Trap[][] just released Ajna, a gorgeous skin, with 2 tintable 2.0 tattoo layers, third eye and matching set of eyes package. It comes in 3 base colors of tattoos (white or black (tintable) and red (not tintable)) and 4 skin tones, including the new tone 4, which is honestly one of the best brown's I have seen. I don't have a pic, but I strongly suggest trying out a demo! 
The third eye is scripted to move in a natural, eerie way, but if you don't want it to, there's another option in the pack for a static eye. It also looks awesome without it, the skin itself is beautifully hand painted. But if you don't trust the pictures, go ahead and take the tp and see for yourself!
And yes. It looks awesome on dudes too. Seriously.


1st pic: 
Skin, Tattoos, third eye and eyes shown: [][]Trap[][] Ajna - tone 1, red tattoos
Hair: Red Queen - Fuzzy
Outfit: * Deviance * - Dark Elementalist - Witching Hour - Gold

Also in other news, I've merged this blog to include more than just [Gauze] Products, though I still have my store and I will still feature my own releases, I'm also going to feature other products that are part of Project Twilight, including pictures of the sim as it's construction continues to progress. So yes, it is still a work in progress!

Fauns, Demons and... Faeries?

10/12/2010  at 12:08 AM
Well ok I haven't made fae yet, But Faery Sola of Studio Sidhe made some awesome poses and a prop to go along with my new set of.. hooves and digi legs. I don't know which to call them yet honestly, cause i'm tired xD

I am so happy to finally be able to release these!
One day, I randomly wanted some hooves. So, it turned into a real project from there xD
These digi legs are custom sculpted and hand painted (realistically so) and made with 2.0 Alpha layers in 2 styles. But thanks to no longer needing invisipirms, we can have seamless fur on hooves and no longer have to worry about random bits of our bodies disappearing or looking amputated :D Which I am totally excited about!

These legs come in 4 colors per pack, with clothing layers in underwear and pants layer, half and full fur options, and are hud texture change driven, while still being mod! And they come in two styles. One for a more demonic sort of hoof (with claws), and one for a more faun/unicorn style without claws.

The Merry Satyr set! helped make these beautiful vendor pics possible.
This set offers a multipose stump that comes with pan pipes that you can use in your pics, or rez out on your land, with a pan pipe giver for your guests! And 5 stand alone poses (sold separately).
And most of the skins feature the new Carved skins from [][]Trap[][], which worked so wonderfully with both sets. Especially the chocolate brown of tone 5, which I totally love, and I made sure to put lots more info in the vendors :D

So come visit Twilight or Moonsong, where the hooves and posesets are being hosted for now <3

http://slurl.com/secondlife/The%20Twilight/89/58/39 <- tp to Twilight
http://slurl.com/secondlife/Moonsong/179/73/26 <- tp to Moonsong

A little late, But Hair Fair goodness within!

9/07/2010  at 9:26 AM
Well I know i should have done this sooner, but better late then never I guess ^^ Yes. I'm a terrible blogger D:

Anyway I have 4 hairs that are available at hair fair!

Komelia-A sleek up-do with a muted gold hair pin and several buns. Sculpted with some flexi - Comes in the usual color packs (not tipped). This hair is the one going 75% to wigs for kids.

A fun, wind tossed wavy hair topped with a sculpted bandanna, screened with a skull. Comes in usual color packs and the new Tipped colors (black/red, black/green, black/purple, black/orange(shown in Bloody Mary - Black/Red)

A feral warrior ponytail with a menacing skull hair tie. Comes in usual color packs and the new Tipped color packs!

Alex-A poofy, short anime type bishi ponytail :D Most accurate description I could come up with. Usual color packs and tipped for this one as well.

You might end up at a landing point, but there's a beacon to my booth :D If you have any trouble finding me, i'm stuck back in the corner near Vixen xD

Thanks again and until next time!
- Yukio Ida

Incoming Catchup! Epic post pending...

8/01/2010  at 2:04 PM
For the newest releases:

Erstaz - At the Black Bacchanal-
The theme this month was Blade Runner, which I honestly never saw till recently. The movie was good, though a bit outdated in comparison to the sci-fi futuristic look we are used to. But I loved it's urban, dirty, japanesy feel. So of course, I took my own twist on it, on what I wish maybe one of them would have worn xD Enter shiny latex, buckles, and straps in 5 colors.

These outfits will be at the Black Baachanal in Snatch city till the 5th for 300L, but after that, they go on the wall in my stores, full price. So get them soon while the price is low!

I also released these tails this weekend, as requested by just about everyone whoever saw them lol. There's 2 tone sets (yes sets) and are click texture change (with demos), consisting of mixed skins from both [][]Trap[][] and my own collection, though i am sure they will match other skins as well. If not, they are mod, so they can be tinted as well.

I've been a bad blogger, I know ._. but this is what I get for not blogging right after making something, so I appologize for the gigantic post that is about to happen. Hopefully it will be worth it though!

So.. oh boy.. the last items were in Feb!

Here is what you all missed xD

Each mer av comes with the tail on pants and underwear layers, the splash pasties and arm scales on jacket, shirt, and undershirt layer, worn together, or individually, and glowing fins with custom sculpts, all hand painted and custom UV mapped (that's how they look shiny xD) And i included notecards of where to get amazing ao's and skins for complete looks too!
Add Image
And above is the second necklace I have made. A custom sculpted dragonfly on a chain and leather cord. No bling.

Yuji is the newest hair, and the bottom half is scripted to texture change through all color options to have a dual tone style, or single, just at a click!

New stuffs, and some anti-v-day goodness

2/15/2010  at 12:37 PM
I'm a day late in writing this post, but it's been a busy time for me lol. I guess i'm extending the v-day insanity well into the next week. But isn't that what holidays are about? One day just isn't enough! But I won't babble on, since I know everyone's here for the pictures ^.- So lets get to it.

My first jewelry set. It features a bleeding heart, pierced with rusted nails and enclosed in a black cage, hung from a tarnished, delicate twisted chain. The necklace comes with spine and chest attachment points, and comes with matching earrings.
No bling, and mod.
Another thing that I'm starting to set up is some more singles, like t shirts, pants, and other designer type articles of clothing that can be worn casually. Kinda like these cute Branded Tee's, that are in a sort of Anti-V-Day theme, but they can be worn any time ^^

More will be made later on, honest xD

I also have a large collection of eyes I've done. They can be located with everything else on the new releases wall in the back. And yes, when I say large, I mean I went completely OCD with this set of eyes. I've made 20 packs of eyes. There are slitted, and human pupils, and each pack contains 12 pairs of eyes, with prims, two sizes, colored flecks, and have a soft glowing pulse.
Each pack is sold separately, but i've bunched them together here for viewing purposes.

And finally.. Since I am so late, I have a gift for everyone. Obscura in a special, exclusive color for V-day. Introducing, the Broken Hearted Edition, only 50L, till Wednesday this week
Well.. That's all for now. I'm going to now go relax with a pint of cherry chocolate ice cream now. So, please enjoy your V-day (or anti-V-Day/week) and I'll be seeing you again soon!