New stuffs, and some anti-v-day goodness

2/15/2010  at 12:37 PM
I'm a day late in writing this post, but it's been a busy time for me lol. I guess i'm extending the v-day insanity well into the next week. But isn't that what holidays are about? One day just isn't enough! But I won't babble on, since I know everyone's here for the pictures ^.- So lets get to it.

My first jewelry set. It features a bleeding heart, pierced with rusted nails and enclosed in a black cage, hung from a tarnished, delicate twisted chain. The necklace comes with spine and chest attachment points, and comes with matching earrings.
No bling, and mod.
Another thing that I'm starting to set up is some more singles, like t shirts, pants, and other designer type articles of clothing that can be worn casually. Kinda like these cute Branded Tee's, that are in a sort of Anti-V-Day theme, but they can be worn any time ^^

More will be made later on, honest xD

I also have a large collection of eyes I've done. They can be located with everything else on the new releases wall in the back. And yes, when I say large, I mean I went completely OCD with this set of eyes. I've made 20 packs of eyes. There are slitted, and human pupils, and each pack contains 12 pairs of eyes, with prims, two sizes, colored flecks, and have a soft glowing pulse.
Each pack is sold separately, but i've bunched them together here for viewing purposes.

And finally.. Since I am so late, I have a gift for everyone. Obscura in a special, exclusive color for V-day. Introducing, the Broken Hearted Edition, only 50L, till Wednesday this week
Well.. That's all for now. I'm going to now go relax with a pint of cherry chocolate ice cream now. So, please enjoy your V-day (or anti-V-Day/week) and I'll be seeing you again soon!