Incoming Catchup! Epic post pending...

8/01/2010  at 2:04 PM
For the newest releases:

Erstaz - At the Black Bacchanal-
The theme this month was Blade Runner, which I honestly never saw till recently. The movie was good, though a bit outdated in comparison to the sci-fi futuristic look we are used to. But I loved it's urban, dirty, japanesy feel. So of course, I took my own twist on it, on what I wish maybe one of them would have worn xD Enter shiny latex, buckles, and straps in 5 colors.

These outfits will be at the Black Baachanal in Snatch city till the 5th for 300L, but after that, they go on the wall in my stores, full price. So get them soon while the price is low!

I also released these tails this weekend, as requested by just about everyone whoever saw them lol. There's 2 tone sets (yes sets) and are click texture change (with demos), consisting of mixed skins from both [][]Trap[][] and my own collection, though i am sure they will match other skins as well. If not, they are mod, so they can be tinted as well.

I've been a bad blogger, I know ._. but this is what I get for not blogging right after making something, so I appologize for the gigantic post that is about to happen. Hopefully it will be worth it though!

So.. oh boy.. the last items were in Feb!

Here is what you all missed xD

Each mer av comes with the tail on pants and underwear layers, the splash pasties and arm scales on jacket, shirt, and undershirt layer, worn together, or individually, and glowing fins with custom sculpts, all hand painted and custom UV mapped (that's how they look shiny xD) And i included notecards of where to get amazing ao's and skins for complete looks too!
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And above is the second necklace I have made. A custom sculpted dragonfly on a chain and leather cord. No bling.

Yuji is the newest hair, and the bottom half is scripted to texture change through all color options to have a dual tone style, or single, just at a click!