A little late, But Hair Fair goodness within!

9/07/2010  at 9:26 AM
Well I know i should have done this sooner, but better late then never I guess ^^ Yes. I'm a terrible blogger D:

Anyway I have 4 hairs that are available at hair fair!

Komelia-A sleek up-do with a muted gold hair pin and several buns. Sculpted with some flexi - Comes in the usual color packs (not tipped). This hair is the one going 75% to wigs for kids.

A fun, wind tossed wavy hair topped with a sculpted bandanna, screened with a skull. Comes in usual color packs and the new Tipped colors (black/red, black/green, black/purple, black/orange(shown in Bloody Mary - Black/Red)

A feral warrior ponytail with a menacing skull hair tie. Comes in usual color packs and the new Tipped color packs!

Alex-A poofy, short anime type bishi ponytail :D Most accurate description I could come up with. Usual color packs and tipped for this one as well.

You might end up at a landing point, but there's a beacon to my booth :D If you have any trouble finding me, i'm stuck back in the corner near Vixen xD

Thanks again and until next time!
- Yukio Ida