[][]Trap[][] Ajna Skin

11/18/2010  at 6:25 PM
Selos Dae of [][]Trap[][] just released Ajna, a gorgeous skin, with 2 tintable 2.0 tattoo layers, third eye and matching set of eyes package. It comes in 3 base colors of tattoos (white or black (tintable) and red (not tintable)) and 4 skin tones, including the new tone 4, which is honestly one of the best brown's I have seen. I don't have a pic, but I strongly suggest trying out a demo! 
The third eye is scripted to move in a natural, eerie way, but if you don't want it to, there's another option in the pack for a static eye. It also looks awesome without it, the skin itself is beautifully hand painted. But if you don't trust the pictures, go ahead and take the tp and see for yourself!
And yes. It looks awesome on dudes too. Seriously.


1st pic: 
Skin, Tattoos, third eye and eyes shown: [][]Trap[][] Ajna - tone 1, red tattoos
Hair: Red Queen - Fuzzy
Outfit: * Deviance * - Dark Elementalist - Witching Hour - Gold

Also in other news, I've merged this blog to include more than just [Gauze] Products, though I still have my store and I will still feature my own releases, I'm also going to feature other products that are part of Project Twilight, including pictures of the sim as it's construction continues to progress. So yes, it is still a work in progress!