You have discovered a message In a bottle!

2/19/2011  at 10:06 PM
I posted a tease earlier with the VDay special gift from Trap. Pants/leggings that match the fuzz gloves released last year? Well you're in for it now.
They're wide legged, fuzzy, with soft material and tintable fluff, and are perfect for lounging around, looking fabulous. 
They also come in a rainbow assortment of colors, some with gradient two tones like Fae, which is blue and purple, or Trap, which is named after Selos's store colors; cyan and orange, cyanic; teal and green, pinks, or if you love blue like me, there's an aqua and blue, or monotoned gray and black, with and without stylized hearts!
 Some are plain, like black, bronze,green, orange, rose, purple, silver, white, and last but not least, some with black and red, aqua, lime, magenta, black and white or gray and white stripes and SKULLS. That's right. I said Jolly Roger.
So come visit [][]Trap[][] in Twilight, and if you happen to see an elvish wench shipwrecked off the coast, please, toss her a life raft. She can't swim.

Loungy Pic One:
Skin: Trap Vampy tone 2
Hair: Exile Pandora - artic
Shirt: Sn@tch Lounge Top (black)
Gloves: Trap Fuzz Gloves in white
Pants: Trap Fuzz Leggings in white
Shoes: Shiny Things - Brocattos - black
Ears: you'll find out soon enough
Pose: SLC Sofa

Ship Wrecked Pic Two:
Skin: Trap Ajna tone 3
Hair: Gauze - Matey
Shirt: Sn@tch Lounge Top (black)
Gloves: Trap Fuzz Gloves red skull
Pants: Trap Fuzz Leggings in blood
Shoes: Shiny Things - Brocattos - black
Pose: Glitterati

[][]Trap[][] Vday Gift!

2/14/2011  at 8:27 PM
A little late gift coming from Trap, but it's an adorable preview of what is to very soon come, of course in more colors!
Selos has made leggings, and shorts, to match the fuzz gloves! This gift is group only for Vday, but it comes with pants, gloves, leggings, hand painted hearts on the outside of the leg and back pants pockets (optional) and a sock/legging layer for when you just want some cute thigh high socks, and more pink fuzz than you will ever need <3

Other mentionables: Lovebird wings from Illusions - Group gift only! So make sure not to miss out on them!