[Gauze] Ear Overhaul!

3/04/2011  at 12:20 PM
I'm really not kidding. I had these ears sitting on my computer for a long while (a year) and due to lots of prodding from...everyone, they are finally out!

I have 3 ear styles, 4 styles of piercings, and each are scripted to texture change skin tone and piercing color!

Tone sets: Naturals, and Drows come in 10 skin tones (much like the Yokai tails) and the Naturals 2 come in 6, with a white ear for the option of tinting, but all ears are tintable!

Piercings: You can choose between 4 piercing styles, with 4 types of metal (Bronze, Steel, Carbon, and Pewter) or temporarily hide them if you don't want any at all! Also, there are demos next to the vendors so you can see exactly what they look like!
And now for the slew of pictures. Click for more resolution!

Come try a demo now at your friendly nearest [Gauze] outlet, only one tp away! (or two.. four... i lost count)

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