[Gauze] Supporting Japan Relief

3/26/2011  at 3:18 PM
Potato and SnG are holding a one day event that includes two auctions that will start TODAY, on Saturday March 26th at 4-5pmSLT and the second at 7-8pmSLT, and a DJ set between. Vendors will also be participating throughout the event, set up will occur on Wednesday or Thursday, a few days before and items will be left until Monday to gather funds.


The auction is a BASEKT auction. Meaning, you are getting craploads of goodies.

Ok now that you got the basics of it, yes there are many events in second life to support Japan and their chosen charities. The charity chosen for this event will be the Japanese Red Cross Society itself, and there will be a handful of vendors participating, myself included. As someone who has friends/family in Japan, as well as many of my customers, I am very saddened by the events that have transpired. But I know that the Japanese will emerge from this strong, as they always have.

By buying any of my items in this event, all the proceeds will go to the Japanese Red Cross directly, so without your help I could not donate at all, since second life is my only source of income. So I do hope you will come join us and help all of us help the people of Japan who's lives have been ravaged by the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear threats.

 For this event I have 2 items for sale to everyone:
 Thanks to a friend's mention, I have re-done Matey's bandanna design to display the rising sun on the front, and the kanji for 'Hope' in the back. Because I think Pirate ninjas are awesome :D

  And. A pair of eyes. Rising Sun eyes to be exact. They come in small and large sizes, with prims. The 'sun' pulse glows softly.

  Now.. For the auction, there will be a male and female auction that my friend Delila Enyo is hosting, and I have one Unisex Item available!

Only the two highest bidders will be the proud owner of these legs. after that, they will never be seen again!
  So I hope you will come visit, and see the other vendors, such as Glitterati, DuckNipple, Nightshade Designs, BlueBlood, Potato, Shitz 'N Gigglez, and more!
  "Potato and Shitz N Giggles have teamed up to bring together a huge event. The events that have been happening in Japan are shocking, and devastating. Tsunami, Earthquake, and there could be a Nuclear disaster. There are people and families without homes, food, clothes, and medications. It's an extremely dangerous situation, and it's our job as human beings to help those that are in need.

There are the differences in race, customs, origin--but we are all human. And we are more alike than we know. It's time to put aside shallow bickerings, and band together to help our brothers and sisters of the earth. For just a moment, put aside differences in religion, face, styles. Let's step away from SL drama, insane trying for contest boards, and mindless shopping for something you'll only wear once. Let's use this virtual world, to do some good in the real world.

Each donation, each vendor, and each Auctionee will receive a special note of thanks, sent to everyone who participates. It means a lot to us, for you to be able to help to this.

All transactions will be sent to a bank-alt, and transaction records are readily avalible at any time.

All donations will be going directly to the Japanese Red Cross.
After the event, it will take roughly two weeks for the wire transfers to go through. Everyone who asks, will be updated on the process. :)"
- From Potato and SnG


  - Yukio Ida

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