Kayn Skins!

4/12/2011  at 3:39 AM
Fantasy Faire is finally over and it was wonderful! But now everyone can get this skin if they weren't able to make it out to the faire at either Twilight or Snatch City locations :D

The skin comes in two tones, coal and ice for right now, but has 3 options of tattoo makeup that is tintable. It's the newer revision i have been working on for the past month xD But more will be made later in the future. This I promise! Along with a long list of things that are building up for the near future of releases lol. I might post teasers on flickr or plurk, cause i can never help myself. So keep an eye out for that and.. newmertails*coughchokedie* yeap. kay enjoy your week!
-Yukio Ida


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