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7/25/2011  at 6:38 AM

For those who spotted this outfit at the Fantasy Faire this year, Selos Dae took some time afterward and did a little revamp, and several new long awaited colors!

The outfit is sold separately, so you can get the long, spiked collar coat with 2 neck options (worn with or without the spiked collar) for L$300, or the pants for L$200. And these coats come in 9 colors; Red, Green, Blue, Aqua, Purple, Black, Brown, Gray and white.

I really could go on about the realistic, hand painted textures of this outfit, but you'd think i'm bias! and In fact, I don't care xP I am, but i'm not going to lie when I say my butt has never looked better in any other pair of pants in sl. From the curve of the front of the pants, the paneled sections on the pant cuffs and the woven braiding going down the back of the coat, and the gradient shading on the bottom, there is a lot to love about this outfit, but i'm going to let the pictures speak for themselves.  
These photos are unedited and taken without a shadows enabled, so what you see is what you get here. And furthermore, the outfit is unisex, with a base set of prims adjusted for either male or female shape in either package, so most of the work was done for you!

So I think i've gone on enough. You can pick this lovely outfit up in Twilight by just following the red bridge to Trap

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