November Catchup

11/15/2011  at 8:29 PM
I've been a terrible blogger, so i'm going to do this with as little spam as possible! Starting with the newer, more awesome Items released:

[][]Trap[][] Xeno Horns!

So these are a few pics I took as teasers for the horns for Flickr, though Selos liked them so much she used them as promo ads for the horns <3 Though she did like this one on it's side better lol.
The horns come in these color options --->                                                                                         These horns are very color-mod and resize friendly, you can tint all parts to your hearts content, I would advise you drop them on the ground as the inside part sticks out against the skull so you can more easily select it. 
Both glowing parts have a white base and can be tinted any color you wish, all prims mod and copy, NO TRANS

Just as a side note: they might look -best- in firestorm/v2,v3,and so on. 

Next up!!

[Gauze] Digi and Human Leg Warmers

These leg warmers come in all colors shown, and I will be expanding on them soon in the future. The digi leg warmers rely on alpha layers, and work for fauns, furries or demon avatars and are fully sculpted. They feature belts and straps and small sculpted buttons on the sides, with pockets on the top prims which are optional if you have some pants that match the bottoms :D

[Gauze] Deity Eyes

I am EXCITED for these eyes! They are fully sculpted eye replacements. Meaning, you use an alpha (included) to hide the Linden eye base and then these fit right in it's place. The pupils are shaped and indented, like a natural eye, with a lense overlay for shine and depth. They also have a glow prim so you can tint the pupil and control the glow, or make it black. They come in 3 pupil shapes and are mod, so re-sizing to fit your head shape isn't an issue :D

So, that's all for now! Please drop by Twilight and come see the sim! We made it snowy and icy xD
and please don't mind the mess. I'm between projects so my store in Twilight is almost dismantled hahaha. Rebuilding fun xD  <- Trap @ Twilight <-- Trap @ Carnivale <-- Gauze @ Twilight <-- Gauze @ Snatch City