[Gauze] Mercenary Skin Release

12/05/2011  at 11:54 PM
I'm just going to say.. These skins were supposed to be out on Thanksgiving, but I found some things I could have improved on so I spent some more time on them xP But I am finally satisfied and I hope you will be too!

These skins are new bases, with the most awesome suggestive support from Selos and Vitani everything has been re-painted lol

The Mercenary skins come with:
-2 full body tattoos on tintable tattoo layers, one in red, one in white.
-2 bases with light or dark brows
-4 makeup layers, some parts are black, and some that are tintable. Warrior, Eagle, and Bullseye
-a small piece of my soul

The tones are split into 3 sets with 3 tones to choose from!

You can click on the thumb below to see a larger picture below the cut :3

There are also bulk packs and free demos, so please come check them out and much <333
(Twilight Location still available but under heavy construction btw)


Kay, that's all for now. More to come soon!
- Yukio Ida

Natural: Ivory, Almond, Gold

Drow: Snow, Steel, Coal

Goblin: Mellow, Fern, Hunter


Anonymous said...

Nice! Where are the armors from?

Project Twilight said...

bare rose, lost haven, and emo-tions <3

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