[Gauze] Slew of new stuff!

3/13/2012  at 7:57 PM
Hello again! It's about time I come out with another giganticomfgwtfbbq update, and just in time (late).
Some of you have seen the teasers on plurk, flickr, and maybe worn by some people who put up with my bajillion betas, but finally you can have it!

To keep things short and sweet, I revamped my bases (again) from the Mercenary set, and I am releasing them as the most minimalistic skins I have ever tossed out. I'm going to try something new guys, and it'll include makeup. awww - yeaah.

Here as seen, we have a 3 pack of the Drows, Humans, and Goblins, with revamped body shading to make the two sexes more defined, new lips and.. you can get demos to see the rest for yourself <3

And, finally I have stopped hoarding the new eyes I posted ages ago. This time I followed the 7 deadly sins in theme, and I bring you a pair of sculpted eyes much like the Deity set, in bright full colors and a tintable attachment that gives the illusion of smoke billowing slowly from the eyes. Yes, it is animated.

Earlier in this long note, I mentioned makeups. Well, I started a few packs that I will later expand upon to turn into a full comedic line. I've been asked many times for my makeup on tattoo layers, and it took me a while to get the hang of it. While I won't make old makeups into tattoos, i will make new ones, and they will be even better. See for yourself!


I love this set. It's slightly Draconian, or demonic, and looks amazing with all skin tones. There are demos, so you can try before you buy!


What Lola asks, Lola gets. She wanted rainbows, and so did I. So I present to you, a lovely, bright rainbow look with a full or subtle option, like the other sets as shown.


Another makeup set, and I really did not intend for these names to all start with A, but they matched since my theme was slightly drake in nature lol. These makeups come in 4 colors as shown, and are tintable on top of being colored the way they are. It was just to preserve the highlights. But I hope you can have fun with them too!

Speaking of fun, I have also some packs of lip glazes

Packs of 4 lip glazes. Some are semi opaque and can be layered to achieve a different color. Like Dove over bloo or cherry over Noir!

Okay then, we have covered a lot, but i'm going to end this with a last announcement. I am in Fantasy Faire again this year! And there will be much more to come over the next few months :D

More info will be released the closer it gets to the faire! and possibly teasers on my flickr

So please watch if you have it, and we shall meet again soon!
- Yukio Ida [Gauze]

(Twilight is still in under-construction mode but the store is still there with all products)