[Gauze] Hanging out at Fantasy Faire, where you should be too.

4/21/2012  at 7:36 AM
Yeps, hanging out at the top part of the sim and bringing in some more 'glowing' stuffs to the plate. 

Finally Fantasy Faire is here! I'm excited once again to participate in this event, and the sims are utterly gorgeous. For the duration of the faire my items will be in my faire location, at the top right of the sim Nu Orne, right next to Trap, who you should def. check out as well! 
(top row of the sim, to the right from the landing point)

I don't want to suck up too much of your time, and hopefully you're already on your way to the faire :D So I'll get to the pretty and do more of the hush;

Intensity is a full body tattoo that comes seperately in 4 colors, and 2 variations (male or female, but both can be unisex) and can work with any darkish skin to add a little extra glow and vibrancy.

And of course to go with Intensity are the UV skins. These skins have an ethereal glow and sort of inverted sort of look to them. They work so well for the person who just can't seem to wear enough glow on their avatar ^^ and goes well with that dark fantasy creature look.
The skins come in 4 colors as well: Infared (Donated Item), Lightning (Donated Item), Uranium and Ultraviolet, and of course come in Male or Female. So please come grab a demo and wander around the faire. You're sure to find some wonderful items!
- Yukio Ida