V2. Skins out at [Gauze]

6/18/2012  at 11:29 AM

Hey there! There's quite a bit to cover, cause I finally revamped another set of skins! These new skins have no makeup, except very subtle eyeliner. For those like me though, I have included a free basic eyeliner and shadow tattoo, as well as a basic, normal eyebrow layer that is completely tintable. It will work with all skin types without strange smudges and match literally every hair tone out there!
The tones are the same for now, though I may expand soon!
Since the skins are so bare, they come in a pack of 4, so you get all 4 tones in each pack. No more hard choices :)
As for addons, I have quite a few!

I've never done freckles before, But I thought it would be fun to give it a shot, and it can add such character and texture to a skin. So, I made 4 variations of them! They are sold separately, but I packed the images together so you can see them how they are displayed.

You can get a bulk pack, demo, or individuals of these freckles, all on 2.0 tattoo layers and tintable to match any skin, while subtle enough to be a light dotting on even the lightest skins. They come in: nose bridge and cheeks only, full face, face and chest, or full body.

 For the females, I have made...cleavage enhancers! yes xD They will work perfectly with the V2 skins, but remain mod so you can do some tinting to match other skin tones. They are sold in a pack of 4, much like the skin packs, and there's 3 styles to choose from. Or you can bulk buy each type.

Finally, I have 2 packs of tintable, hand painted eyebrows that are guaranteed to work with any skin and match any hair color. One pack features a variety of modern brow styles, from thick to thin, while the other features more extravagant brows. I personally love the Geisha. Just sayin'.

So that's all for now :D I have to work on hair for hair fair now! xD So i'll be pestering you all again in early-mid July!
<3 Yukio Ida

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